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HØSTET means HARVESTED and everything at HØSTET spins around sea buckthorn and about knowing as much as possible about these berries to exploit their full potential. We grow, harvest and process our own organic sea buckthorn on our farm at Bornholm, overlooking the Baltic sea.

We would like to take you all the way into the universe of sea buckthorn and all the possibilities these berries offers. At HØSTET it's all about the good taste and the use of high quality raw materials and then it's important for us, to use up as many parts of the plant as possible. Our plantation is organic and we have started to study the possibilities that comes with Biodynamic agriculture. 

We sell our berries, 100% juice and dried flakes to restaurants and other producers, please contact Mads: +45-53542124 / mads@hoestet.dk 

Visit us:

Our farmshop and plantation are open on weekdays between 3 and 5 pm. and if you see the big flag by our road-sign during a weekend, it also means that we are open. Out side these hours, we are busy in the kitchen or the plantation, but we receive bigger groups for tours and tastings when they are booked in advance.

Our products:

Most of our products are produces by hand in our own kitchen on the farm. But we also have interesting coorporations with other producers, who have developed beer, aquavit and soap, using our berries. 

Sea buckthorn marmelade:

Our first product was the marmelade, it's cooked with our the skin and seeds and has fine balance, between the sour and the sweetness.

Our plantation is of cause organic and we have started to study the possibilities that come with Biodynamic agriculture. All of our products are handmade in our production kitchen at Fløjlegård or at one of the skilled producers, who also uses our berries in their products


Please find detailed information about all our products at www.hoestet.dk

Facts about sea buckthorn:

  • Sea buckthorn is a pioneer plant and it’s been here since the last ice age stopped.
  • From a botanic perspective, sea buckthorn is a nut.
  • Sea buckthorn is very rich in nutrition’s, for instance: vitamin C and E, fatty acids 3,6,7 and 9 and antioxidants.
  • In order to get any berries, you need both male and female plants, but only the female-plants carries.
  • Sea buckthorn has a high level of acidity and a very exotic taste and can be used in both the salty and the sweet kitchen.

Contact information, web and SoMe:

Mads på +4553542124/mads@hoestet.dkeller Camilla på +4521463462/camilla@hoestet.dk

www.hoestet.dk www.instagram.com/havtornbornholm www.facebook.com/havtornbornholm


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